About FranzPetCare 

Franz pet care consult is an indigenous veterinary outfit which was set up to provide basic veterinary health care services to our clients pets. We offer services ranging from Veterinary medicine, Pet Grooming/Saloon, Pet Mart, Doggie day camp, Fumigation and pest control e.t.c.

With our professional, well trained and dedicated staff members, we strive to provide a comprehensive and affordable health care services for your pet.

Our Vision

By offering conscientious and professional care for your pets, we strive to provide a service that meets every needs of your pet - through our medical expertise, unusually high level of customer service, and educational support. at FranzPetCare, it is our hope to exceed your expectations with every visit! .  

Our Mission

We will enhance the health and well being of all animals that come into our care; utilizing comprehensive and collaborative, preventative medicine, as well as strategic emergency care as needed.

Pet mart


Shop our genuine products and buy provisions, toiletries, food and pet supplements for your pets at affordable prices from top local and international brands.

Pet Grooming/Salon


Book an appointment with professional groomers and pet stylist, to keep your pets looking trim and healthy

pet clinic

Pet Clinic

Meet our highly qualified and pet loving vets for quality health and clinic service for your pets.

pet boarding

Pet Boarding/Hostel

Book a place in our air conditioned hostels and pet boarding facilities 

Buy Pet food, provision and accessories

If you own a pet, then you have nothing to worry about because you can get the best pet supplies on Franz Pet Mart. You can shop for the right food for your pet at the lowest prices in Nigeria. There are different kinds of pet food which are given to different type of pet. If you own a fish as a pet, then you need to get fish food which contains vitamins and macronutrients required to keep the fish in good health state. It is advisable to get fish pet food that is in form of flakes, pellet or tablet form due to their ability to sink quickly in the water. You can get dog food and toys on Franz Pet Mart. A lot of people feed leftovers to their dogs which don't show affection or care. Pets are meant to be loved and cared for, if truly you love your pet, you will give them the best pet houses, toys, food and more.

Where to Buy Pet Supplies in Lagos

Get great bargains on pet food & accessories on Franz Pet Mart. We at Franz Pets have made available for you, an amazing collection of pet supplies such as houses, toys, food, grooming rubber gloves, feeding plates, sprays and more. Give your pet the best treatment by shopping for the right supplies online at the best prices in Nigeria. Order now and pay cash on delivery.